Health Ministries

healthHeath Ministry Director-Elder Edward Limo

Click here to Download World Health Ministries Day Programme for Sabbath 9th Jan 2016

Health ministries department endeavors to ensure that the healing ministry of Jesus is carried on through training, teaching of its membership to uphold, adheres, lives, maintains and practices healthful principles as outlined in the Bible MISSION Health Ministry is committed to carry on the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ, by promoting optimal levels of health to men, women, and children in our church and the surrounding community; by educating them on ways to prevent disease, ways to effectively manage existing health conditions and compassionately caring for the sick . It is dedicated to fulfilling the commission of Christ in Matthew 28:20, VISION Health Ministries maintain a healthful membership that advocate, adheres, and practices good principles of health in fulfillment of the mission of the church. Purpose • The principal purpose of the Adventist Health Ministries is to bring physical and spiritual healing to the people of the congregations in the church and the community. • It also intends to educate every church member so that he/she can develop a life-style that adheres to the principles of health and temperance and make use of the natural remedies that God has provided for our well-being.


  1. To advocate healthful lifestyle in line with the Biblical principles
  2. To sensitize and empower church members on healthful living through teaching and training.
  3. To develop a strong program of health care for congregations and people in the community to alleviate sickness and suffering.
  4. To reach people for Christ through the combination of gospel and health outreach.
  5. To monitor and evaluate the activities of all health facilities within the WKC.
  6. To establish HIV and AIDS education, prevention, care and support programs. .
  7. Prevent the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse or debasing drugs
  8. To network with other stakeholders and development partners in promoting healthful living.

List of the health facilities in GRVC

  1. Sironoi
  2. Kaigat
  3. Segero
  4. Tegeko
  5. Ziwa Machine
  6. Kapkeringon

HIV / AIDS activities

The conference is in the process of establishing a chapter for support groups for PLWHA. GRVC is to adopted the already existing HIV/AIDS Policy once the chapter is launched.

5 TOT HIV AIDS counselors trained by ADRA AFRO.
NASCOP trained 3VCT counselor from 57 TOT earlier trained by ADRA AFRO.

The HIV / AIDS support group from Saito in Kitale is being funded by ADRA AFRO. There are other three groups yet to register their group and hand in the names of the different group.


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