DSCN8871Headed by Elder Paul Chesilim

Departmental Mission Statement

To supervise, coordinate, promote, and quality control the Adventist Education in GRVC; and to provide quality Adventist Education and training that covers all areas of development, including the spiritual, mental, physical, and the social dimensions of life.
Departmental Vision Statement
To see qualified, committed and vibrant Adventist young men and women unselfishly serving humanity both in the church and in the world, and to have them prepared for the life to come.

The Education Department is responsible for the coordination, promotion, training, and quality of the Seventh-day Adventist educational program, which includes over 20 schools ,  with over 200 teachers and 2,800 students.

Department cooperates with Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries and the Youth Ministries Departments in nurturing the faith of Adventist students attending non-Adventist colleges and Schools around the world.