About us


Organised in 1981 as Western Kenya Field (WKF). It was curved from Central Kenya Field. It was called Western Kenya Field due to its geographical position within the republic of Kenya. It was later re-organised in 2010 as Western Kenya Conference (WKC).

Due to growth in membership and also its financial sustainability WKC has given birth to two mature Conferences, Greater Rift Valley Conference(GRVC) with its headquarters in Eldoret and North West Kenya Conference(NWKC) its headquarters in Webuye. Both the conference were re-organized in 3rd August 2015.


Greater Rift Valley Conference covers part of Rift Valley and part of Western Province, it covers Nandi County, Uasin-Gishu County, Elgeiyo Marakwet County, Baringo County and Part of West Pokot County. borders Central Rift Kenya Conference to the East,Nyamira Conference and Kenya Lake Conference to the South and Central Nyanza Conference to the South. We border the newly formed  North West Kenya Conference to the West. This territory is Metropolitan as it comprises of Africans, Asians and few Whites. The African Kenyans are majorly the Bantus and Nilotic speaking groups thus enhancing cultural diversity.

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